Small and Medium Size Self Storage Units in Yass, N.S.W.

With nine different self storage sizes at our state of the art facility in Yass, N.S.W. we have a unit for all your needs including those that need a small to medium size storage unit. Typical for those who have a studio, 1 or 2 bedroom house, car or a prized family heirloom we have a variety of options for you to choose from at Hepworth Self Storage.

6m x 2m & 4m x 3m Self Storage Unit: 2+ bedroom or business

One of the most popular unit sizes that we have at Hepworth Self Storage is the 4m x 3m and also the 6m x 2m units. At 12 square metres it is a perfect size for a medium sized house or apartment. It fits any traditionally large item such as a sofa, dining table, closet or chest of draws whilst also having the ability to store well over 100 medium or large boxes making it perfect for any small and growing business:

4mx 3m Self Storage Unit
6m x 2m Self Storage Unit

5m x 2m Self Storage Unit: 1 Bedroom

Whilst we have very limited numbers of 5m x 2m self storage units at our Hepworth Self Storage facility in Yass, they are always highly sort after for anyone with a 1 bedroom house or apartment and even a small business. With 5m in depth, the unit is perfect for anyone wanting to store 2-3 large items such as a sofa and mattress or a small business owner with 70-80 archive boxes:

5m x 2m Self Storage unit

3m x 3m Self Storage Unit: 1-2 Bedroom, half garage size

Our most popular unit at Hepworth Self Storage is our 3m x 3m. Half a garage size, perfect for a 1-2 bedroom house. It has traditionally be used by individuals and families that are moving, need to declutter their house or garage of that extra fridge, sofa, lawn mower, washing machine or have valuable items such as a motorbike or bicycle that need the extra protection. With the ability to store 60-70 medium (book) boxes it is perfect for anyone or any small business.

3m x 3m Self Storage Unit
3m x 3m Self Storage Unit

4m x 2m Self Storage Unit: Studio-1 bedroom

Our smallest unit at Hepworth Self Storage in Yass. Whilst small it has always been a very sought after storage option for an individual or family who has either just a few items to store or one main and valuable item. If you have one or two items that you would like that extra protection for it is the best storage option for you. With the ability to also store approximately 35-40 medium boxes it is a storage unit that is useful for all:

4m x 2m Self Storage Unit